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Bitch Fest 2014: Bitch Stewie and Brian Are Here! (Updated and Complete)

I’m loving this family guy game. So glad to be able to get the American dad characters as well.

Family Guy Addicts

Hello There Clammers!

Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian have arrived in Quahog as part of the new limited-time weekend event!

2014-11-13 23.08.29

When you log into your Tiny Quahog you’ll see Peter have a task waiting for you…this will kick off Bitch Fest 2014!

More details coming…but for now know your first task is to build the Clone Machine…and it’ll cost you $1,000.

More details below the fold…

WARNING…Mild Spoilers below

Oh and just in case you’re confused…these are full characters, not skins.

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